2021 is here and the Sugar Squared team is ready to share with you what they’ve been working on for months…Sugar Squared: natural, handcrafted, sustainably produced hair removal.

This product is made to help you remove hair in the safest, least-painful, most-effective, and environmentally sustainable way! Each jar of Sugar Squared is handcrafted in Vancouver, BC. We use a glass container with a metal lid and a stone paper label to ensure that our environmental footprint is limited. The product itself is 100% biodegradable and made with natural, un-processed, and clean ingredients. …

We all want to be the best global citizens that we can be. However, today we are faced with a decision surrounding our consumer preferences. When faced with two products, do you choose the cheaper one, or do you spend an extra $5 on a locally-made, zero-waste product? Many of us would like to believe that we make the more socially-conscious choice and choose that more expensive but handcrafted item. However, reality and economic necessity often push us to choose the more inexpensive, less sustainable option.

We are all becoming more aware of the impact that our consumer decisions have…

Sugar Squared

The natural, handcrafted, sugar hair removal product that is launching in January 2021!

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